Soporo 0.2.851 (QoL Update )

This is a general QoL update mostly. Some key features...

-Can select mission on the world map.

-Pause menu with chatlog

-Fully functional options screen.

-Saving and loading (Designed to be compatible with everything in the future, so feel free to play as much as you want!)

-New boss UI and health mechanics.

-New form for Ao (no level makes use of her mechanics currently, so this is just for fun atm.)

-Missing SFX and music have been added to the overworld.

-Completely tweaked everything about the cat's physics. She should be a whole lot more fun to control now!

Unfortunately there's no new levels this time around, but there's still the missions from the previous mission if you're into that! Thank you for playing my demo!

Also a discord for the game has been launched! Feel free to come say hi!

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Sep 02, 2020 50 MB
Sep 02, 2020

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