Content Update Gallery

It's been a while since I've posted an update here. Here's a gallery of images showing the progress on the game!

-A content warning screen.

-Mode Select screen (there's a file select screen as well!)

-As you progress through the game, characters you meet get added to the loading screen.

-Amusement Park on the world map (the world map is complete!)

-Fear Factory on the world map

-The Unseen Realm on the world map

-Talking to Rey at Jerbo Augurio

-Talking to Ardklaw The 237th at Jerbo Augurio

-Talking to Peperi at Jerbo Augurio

-A chainsaw cat and a ghost?!

-A spell that didn't work as intended grants Girl Form!

-The jeep in the desert, complete with new costume while driving it!

-Girl Form, which is used for puzzles!

-Double jump!

-Lorebook that you can record enemies into with a camcorder!


-The first summon, Apheliotes, Lord Of Wind.

That's all for now! Thanks for checking it out! For up to date progress, check out the discord at !

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